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"Convergence" - pyrite / sterling silver / gold leaf / palladium leaf / sterling silver leaf / gold wire / reclaimed Victorian glass and mount - a one of a kind piece measuring 39mm in diameter (54mm top to bottom and weighing 28 grams). Pyrite is said to be a protective stone, guarding against negative energy and promoting well being and is particularly stimulating to the Solar Plexus. What I have tried to represent is the convergence of the sun (reverse side and the corona) and the moon (the pyrite cabochon) over the heart, a widely used visual for meditation.

The reverse side is the back of the stone, seen through the glass. I have gilded that with the gold leaf, palladium leaf, and sterling silver leaf. (Coincidentally there is a Georges Méliès moon face naturally created by the holes!) There is also a bit of gold leaf inside the cracks on the front of the stone - a reference to the fact that pyrite is also known as 'fool's gold'. The sterling silver bezel on the perimeter I lightly tarnished to match the 22ct gold leaf. There is only the tiniest bit of glue used in its construction - four dots to help hold the stone in place while I engineered the rest. The bezel is held in place with the 14ct gold-filled wire at the neck. The sterling silver snake chain has been very lightly tarnished as well to take the shiny silver edge off. It will darken to the pyrite colour over time, although that can be cleaned separately if you prefer a brighter tone on the chain. It is nicely presented in a white cube shoulder box.

This pendant comes with a 20 inch sterling silver snake chain but please let me know if you need something longer.

  • Materials:
    pyrite / sterling silver / 14ct gold filled wire / gold leaf / palladium leaf
  • Dimensions:
    39mm x 54mm
  • Weight :
    28 grams
  • Price :
    £ 135.00

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